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Gusto Robusto offers a customization service to those companies that have to celebrate an anniversary or a product. Our artists are available to create a custom illustration based on your brief. 

We guarantee high quality prints and accessories marketing services as, for example, video production and packaging.
All the prints are supplied embossed, originally signed, numbered an provided of a guarantee certification.

A limited edition prints is a perfect idea for an anniversary of foundation or to be used as advertising campaign. Prints will be a perfect gift for all the most important clients of the company. The operation is also object of marketing (included social as viral marketing), press activity.

Here below an illustration made by Gloria Pizzilli thinking to Masiero, main sponsor the exhibition "Gusto Robusto. Vectorial art prints" (September 2015 Ca' dei Ricchi Treviso). The title is "Crystilline" and it represents lights and suspension in time that are two of the most important themes of the company. Masiero chose Gloria Pizzilli also because she won the prize "Excellence" by Communication Art with the first illustration she made for Gusto Robusto. 

An other example: STL celebrates its 50st anniversary with a Gusto Robusto limited edition prints by Marco Goran Romano.
It represents the transition from the gold age of analog office, thanks to Olivetti, to future of digital technologies. 
We are also available to create a limited edition of products by customizing them (furniture, cars, lamps, ... and whatever!) and linking our brand to yours.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us