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The idea

In a better world everybody lives off his own passion being able to add something beautiful to the world and your life. 
Gusto Robusto’s contribution to this mission is producing digital artworks printed in limited edition.

“An artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision”
James Whistler 

Gusto Robusto’s staff selects the best artists offering them the possibility to express themselves during the creation of exclusive digital artworks printed in limited edition. Artworks that we promote in exhibitions, museums, publication and in a new art market with as reference. What do you think? If your reply is good, well, you have Gusto Robusto too!


In digital art, as well as in the traditional one (for example etching or photography), every item of a limited edition series that is signed by the artist is an original piece, not a reproduction of an artwork.
Vector technique is in particular an artistic expression that requires high technique, precision and dedication.
Only master illustrators of this complex technique are able to express their vision at the best. On the other hand they obtain high resolution images whatever is the print dimensions. This is because Illustrator is a software based on parametric curves, called Bézier, with which artists ink and colour their illustrations.
The generated file is used to produce as many printing plates as the number of colors used in the print process. The artist himself checks the quality and, signing every single piece, he authenticates it as original artwork.


The project is designed in every aspect to obtain the best quality of line and color work.
Gusto Robusto chose lithographic printing (offset) with Pantone colors on Fedrigoni paper (Fedrigoni Century Cotton Wove Premium White 280gr) which is preferred in fine art. The colors used are predetermined in order to make clear the difference by common CMYK prints. They correspond to the actual inks used in printing for the highest quality and yield

These Pantone colors characterized the first Gusto Robusto’s edition. 


The artworks are printed in limited edition.
Each artwork is numbered, embossed with a punch (Gusto Robusto logo), originally signed and supplied with authenticity certificate signed by the artist too.
Printing plates used to print the artwork are kept in a safe place at Gusto Robusto to be sure that they will never be used again without authorization.
A new generation of collectors will be interested in a limited edition artwork because it’s affordable but its value is destined to increase. 
The more consolidated market of photography shows that a sold out print is revalued by 150% to nearly 900%.

Finally Gusto Robusto is available as service to design illustrations for companies.
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