Gusto Robusto for Masiero

Gusto Robusto for Masiero

Masiero, an Italian light decoration factory, was the main sponsor of the exhibition "Gusto Robusto. Vectorial art prints" (September 2015 Ca' dei Ricchi Treviso).
Masiero had not been a simple sponsor. It adopted the philosophy of Gusto Robusto by asking to Gloria Pizzilli to draw a special one illustration just thinking to light and the concept of suspension in time two of the most important themes of the company. Masiero treated her not as creative but as artist. Gloria Pizzilli, who already won the Excellence prize by Communication Art in 2015 with her first Gusto Robusto illustration “Seta”, has continued in the mood realizing “Crystalline”. This limited edition is not for sale but it will be the special gift for Masiero’s clients.

In fact Gusto Robusto offers a customization service to the companies for their campaigns. Our artists are available to create a custom illustration based on your brief. We guarantee high quality prints and accessories marketing services as video production, packaging and certifications. A limited edition prints is a perfect idea for an anniversary of foundation or to be used as advertising campaign. Prints will be a perfect gift for all the most important clients of the company. The operation is also object of marketing (included social as viral marketing), press activity. All the prints are supplied embossed, originally signed, numbered an provided of a guarantee certification.

More over the partnership with Masiero has been something more...

Masiero welcomed the visitors with a light installation customized with the same colours palette used  by Gloria Pizzilli.

“Gusto Robusto. Vectorial art prints” exhibition included 25 vectorial illustrations prints by 20 international artists. Most of them were at the opening night to offer live performances to the audience.
During the opening night, under Masiero’s spot lights, some artists of the collective drew on Botero lamps by Masiero. The result had been a unique artwork that inspired a limited collection of lamps. The company is already working on it so the collaboration is going on.

Botero lamp customized by Francesco Bongiorni


Botero lamp customized by Maria Grønlund

Behind the lamp there is the limited edition print “Between worlds” designed exclusively for Gusto Robusto by Maria Grønlund available here.

Botero lamp customized by Roberto Blefari Hikimi

Behind the lamp there is the limited edition print “Swiming thoughts” designed exclusively for Gusto Robusto by Roberto Blefari Hikimi available here.

Botero lamp customized by Marta Sorte

Behind the lamp there is the limited edition print “The Growth Of The Tadpole” designed exclusively for Gusto Robusto by Marta Sorte available here.

For more information about Masiero, please visit


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      Atiqur R Sumon
      Oct 19, 2015

      eye catchy, found my best in this series..

    • Avatar
      Rahul amin
      Dec 12, 2016

      Botero lamp is great nice looking

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