Gusto Robusto at Casa dei Carraresi museum

Gusto Robusto at Casa dei Carraresi museum

Gusto Robusto is available at the prestigious bookshop of the museum Casa dei Carrara in Treviso during the exhibition "Japan: from Samurai to Mazinga" curated by Adriano Madaro. This is the latest of a five-year series of exhibitions about Orient.

An extraordinary exhibition that brings the ancient Japan to the more contemporary one, shortening distances between the eastern and western culture as it happend in the second series of Gusto Robusto's illustrations.

"Seta" by Gloria Pizzilli is a beautiful oriental woman wrapped in a silk robe decorated with Japanese carp. "It has been an intense emotion to see live an old artwork where a geisha was wearing a kimono with a design very similar to the one I drew." said Gloria Pizzilli after a visit to the exhibition.

Mirko Càmia rejoiced in front of nearly 200 models of heroes protagonists of cartoons, anime and Japanese manga from the 80s and 90s here juxtaposed to Samurai armor. "Even in my illustration technology and tradition live together: did you notice that in the middle of my Crazy Town there is a pagoda?". When robots become huge (for example a 3 meters high Mazinga) David Sossella's eyes glisten imagining his "R_797B"as high as those.

"Spiritual Wellness" by Sara Penco encloses itself a great part of this culture. Just take a look to the details and textures. So our thought goes to the room dedicated to the press technology where you can see a matrix with which was built a beautiful silkscreen. There are also two paintings that inspired the great Van Gogh.


The Japan of yesterday, as well as the one of today, continues to influence the visual perception of the old continent even if technology is still in an evolutional process!

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