Generation Project

Generation Project

It's official: Manifactory  is one of the 25 companies presented for Generation Project at Spazio Paraggi from december 20th to genuary 20th. 

The creatives of Teviso photographed by Colin Dutton. Everyone will show something from his portfolio. We'll bring Gusto Robusto.
To be honest this picture makes us feel more closed than ever. Thanks Colin.

The 25 creatives are:

Viviana Carlet & Carlo Migotto (Lago Film Fest), Marta Cellini (fashion consultant), Alan Chies (photographer), Federica Dal Bo (web and graphic design), Delineo Design (industrial design & communication), Emo Design (industrial design & business consultancy), Exit Studio (architecture), Nicola Ferrarese (illustration), Massimo Furlan (eco design), Hive Division (film production), Mauro Lovadina (motion graphic artist), Manifactory (illustration & communication design), Saul Marcadent (art organizer), Metodo Studio (design & communication), Roberto Nicoletti (architecture), Filippo Perin (paper toy designer), Giovanni Pietrobon (sculptor), Chiara Pizzinato (fashion & textiles), Laura Pozzi (executive producer & stylist), Davide Ragonese (industrial & texture design), Laura Riosa (footwear & creative design), Mauro Romanzi (photographer & video maker), Tailor & Tailor (graphic design & branding), Geremia Vinattieri (sound design), Matteo Zorzenoni (industrial design)

Graphics: Metodo Studio

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